Sunday Morning Bible Study

Hark the Glad Sound - 11/29 to 12/20

Music has always been a part of the Advent and Christmas seasons, but you may be surprised to learn that that tradition goes all the way back thousands of years before Christ was even born.  The people of God were singing the praises of God long before Christ came on the scene.  The Children of Israel sang when they had safely crossed the Red Sea on dry land, escaping the approaching Egyptians.  King David sang songs that would become part of the Book of Psalms.  But in the time right before the birth of Christ, the number of melodies increased as the chosen participants involved in the coming of Christ prepared for his arrival.

During the seasons of Advent and Christmas, you will have the opportunity to "hark the glad sound" with Zechariah, Mary, the angels and the Church and join with them in singing the praises of God who sent his Son to earth to save us, echoing their melodies of repentance, remembrance, rejoicing and reconciliation.  Won't you sing along?

Join us each Sunday in Advent at 10:30 AM in the sanctuary.  A study guide will be provided for each student.